Differences Between a Plumbing Company and an Independent Plumber

People have many options when they need a plumber milford so they can take their time to consider what situation will work best for them. Many plumbers work independently. They can pick and choose the jobs they want to complete, decide on the hours they want to work, and have more control over labor charges and pricing. The independent plumber often has a loyal customer base, to whom they provide preferential treatment and scheduling.

That system works well for homeowners who may only require minor repairs, the occasional installation of a new furnace or appliance, or do a lot of plumbing work themselves. Replacing washers, switching out fixtures, and tightening pipe connections are some of the jobs many homeowners know how to complete. That saves them time and money, and eliminates waiting for an independent plumber to make the time to get those types of jobs done.
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Since an independent plumber works alone, it may be difficult to schedule services, or get an immediate response in times of emergencies. Availability can be an issue because one person, no matter how experienced, can only be in one place at any given time. There is no back-up available. A plumbing company has the advantage of several qualified plumbers on the job every day. There is always someone who can respond to an emergency, and same day appointments can be offered.

Another difference between an independent plumber and a plumbing company is areas of expertise. An independent plumber cannot be expected to know everything, so there will be times when referrals have to be made to another plumber, or a company. This is common for renovations, remodeling projects, or specific services, such as the installation of water filtration systems. A company can provide the system, have experienced plumbers who can install it, and will be able to provide any repairs or maintenance needed for the system in the future. Companies can also test the water in a home, recommend an appropriate system to meet the needs and budgets of customers, and answer any questions about system options.

Other services provided by a company that can provide a Plumber in Milford, Massachusetts include pipe installation and repair, gas piping, sump pump installation and repairs, and standard water heaters of tank-less systems. Up-front pricing, free travel to the location, and estimates for services are also provided. Many companies also have divisions that provide comprehensive heating and cooling services as well.


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